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RSECon23 Birds of a Feather - HPC

Took place at RSECon23, Swansea on Wednesday, Septemeber 6th, 09:00 - 12:30

Session Report


Technical presentations:

Training presentations:

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Session description

RSEs are critical to the effective use of HPC facilities by researchers - they cover the whole range of roles from RSEs embedded in research groups who support the development of software used on HPC facilities to RSEs associated with HPC facility support teams. In this session we will bring together RSEs that are involved with HPC to share knowledge about the current “state-of-the- nation” for RSEs and HPC, discuss topics of interest in the community and find ways to improve the organisation of the RSE HPC community for the future. The session will start with a series of 4-6 lightning presentations on key areas of current interest for the RSE HPC community. This will be followed by group discussion on the topics of interest to the attendees. Finally, all attendees will work together to produce an outline plan for ways to improve the organisation of the RSE HPC community. Based on discussions with colleagues across the HPC RSE community, we have identified the following topics to be covered in the lightning talks:

In order to improve the organisation of the UK RSE HPC community (and its links worldwide) a number of actions need to be undertaken that can be bootstrapped by this session. In particular, working to identify existing UK RSE HPC groupings, formulating plans for future UK RSE HPC events (including topics of interest and submissions to future conferences) and identifying options for enabling a network of expertise in the RSE HPC area.

The outcomes of the session will be: